Office: Biology B1-166A
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Andrew C. Doxey, Ph.D.

Brief Bio

Dr. Doxey's interests in bioinformatics and genomics started in his undergraduate years (2003) in a summer research project with Drs. Brendan McConkey and Marilyn Griffith at the University of Waterloo focused on computational prediction of ice-binding (“antifreeze”) proteins. This ultimately led to Dr. Doxey's Ph.D. work on the computational prediction of protein functions and evolutionary adaptations, for which he was awarded the Governor General's Gold Medal in 2010. He then completed an NSERC postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University in the lab of Dr. Gill Bejerano, turning his attention to understanding non-coding regulatory sequences and how they work. Following his postdoc, Dr. Doxey returned to the University of Waterloo in 2013 as an Assistant Professor to set up his laboratory. Research in the Doxey lab merges protein biochemistry with computational genomics, and focuses on genomic data mining, unexplored molecular diversity, and protein function discovery. Using data-mining approaches, the Doxey Lab explores microbial genomes and metagenomes given the vast diversity of uncharacterized sequences (genes and genomes) that exist in the microbial world. The Doxey lab is particularly interested in the discovery of new protein domain families and domain combinations indicative of new biological functionality, and are currently focusing efforts on bacterial toxins and degradative enzymes involved in bacterial biofilms and host tissue decomposition. Dr. Doxey is supported by grants from NSERC, MITACs, and an Ontario Early Researcher Award.

Additional Roles

Director of the Molecular Biology Core Facility (MBCF)
Undergraduate Advisor (Bioinformatics Option)
Faculty Advisor for the Undergraduate Engineering (Life Sciences Option)

Selected Awards & Distinctions

CSM Thermo Fisher Award, 2018
UW SEECRA Award, 2018
Ontario Early Researcher Award, 2017
NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2010-2012
Governor General's Gold Medal, 2010, University of Waterloo

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Jeremy Adams MSc, 2013-2015 Bioinformatician at OICR
Hina Bandukwala MSc, 2015-2017 Continuing student
Daniel KurtzURA, 2013-2014Medical Resident
Phuong NguyenMSc, 2014-2017Tech. Startup
Pavel Petrenko URA, 2013-2014 Software Engineer at Google
Paul ReginatoNSERC USRA and OGI Summer Fellow, 2013-2014PhD student at Harvard/MIT
Daniel RichardURA, 2016-2017PhD student at Harvard