Dr. Andrew C. Doxey

example graphic Assistant Professor
Department of Biology, Cross-listed (School of Computer Science)
University of Waterloo

BSc, PhD (Waterloo, 2010, Governor General's Gold Medal)
PDF (Stanford, 2010-2012)

Additional roles
Supervisor of the Molecular Biology Core Facility (MBCF)
Faculty Advisor for the Undergraduate Engineering (Life Sciences Option)

Lab Members


  • Sura Ali


  • Michael Lynch, Mitacs Elevate PDF with MetagenomBio Inc.
  • John Heil, Mitacs Elevate PDF with MetagenomBio Inc.

Graduate students

  • Briallen Lobb, PhD student
  • Mike Mansfield, MSc student
  • Hina Bandukwala, MSc student
  • Kerrin Mendler, MSc student

Co-op and research assistants

  • Daniel Richard

BIOL 499 (undergrad research) students

  • Krista Herbacho

Lab Alumni

  • Jeremy Adams, MSc, Sept 2013 - Dec 2015, Current Position: Bioinformatician at OICR
  • Pavel Petrenko, URA, 2013-2014, Software Engineer at Google
  • Daniel Kurtz, URA, 2013-2014, Medical Student at Wayne State School of Medicine
  • Paul Reginato, 2013-2014, NSERC USRA and OGI Summer Fellow, PhD student at Harvard/MIT
  • Han Chen, NSERC USRA, 2016
  • Phuong Nguyen, MSc, 2014-2017

Lab Photo Album