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The Doxey Lab is a bioinformatics / computational biology research lab, located in the Department of Biology, University of Waterloo.

We apply computational methods to predict novel molecular or systems-level functions from genomes and other "omics" datasets. Current efforts are focused largely on uncharacterized proteins from newly sequenced microbial genomes and metagenomes.

We combine both “dry” (computational) and “wet” (biochemical/molecular) approaches, and works closely with a diverse range of local and international collaborators.

Current Openings

There are opportunities for graduate students and potential BIOL 499 students.

For prospective students, either bioinformatics/programming or molecular wet-lab experience is strongly recommended. Biology/biochemistry, engineering and computer science students are welcome!

Recent papers highlighting our work

  • Lobb B, Doxey AC. (2016) Novel function discovery through sequence and structural data mining. Current Opinion in Structural Biology, 38:53-61. [pubmed]
  • Petrenko P, Lobb B, Kurtz DA, Neufeld JD, Doxey AC. (2015) MetAnnotate: function-specific taxonomic profiling and comparison of metagenomes. BMC Biology, 13:92. [pubmed]
  • Mansfield M, Adams J, Doxey AC. (2015) Botulinum neurotoxin homologs outside of Clostridium. FEBS Letters, 589:342-8. [pubmed]