Bioinformatics Option

To be added to the 2016/2017 undergraduate calendar

The Bioinformatics Option (4.0 units) is available to Honours B.Sc. students within the Faculty of Science. The following requirements must be satisfied:

CS 115 Introduction to Computer Science 1
 or CS 135 Designing Functional Programs
CS 116 Introduction to Computer Science 2
 or CS 136 Elementary Algorithm Design and Data Abstraction
BIOL 266 Introductions to Computational Biology
BIOL 365 Methods in Bioinformatics
BIOL 465 Structural Bioinformatics
BIOL 469 Genomics

One of:
MATH 114 Linear Algebra for Science
MATH 127 Calculus 1 for the Sciences
MATH 137 Calculus 1 for Honours Mathematics
PHYS 111 Physics 1

One of:
STAT 202 Introductory Statistics for Scientists
STAT 221 Statistics (Non-Specialist Level)
STAT 231 Statistics

Note: BIOL 308 or BIOL 309 is recommended.