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The Doxey Lab is a bioinformatics / computational biology research lab, located in the Department of Biology, University of Waterloo.

Our focus is on genome analysis, molecular evolution, and protein structural bioinformatics. A long-term goal is to combine these above areas in computational methods to predict and design biological function.

We collaborate closely with a number of labs from Waterloo and beyond.

Current Openings

There are opportunities for graduate students and potential BIOL 499 students.

For prospective students, either bioinformatics/programming or molecular wet-lab experience is strongly recommended. Biology/biochemistry, engineering and computer science students are welcome!

Selected Publications

  • Doxey AC, Kurtz DA, Lynch MDJ, Sauder LA, Neufeld JD. (2015) Aquatic metagenomes implicate Thaumarchaeota in global cobalamin production. ISME J, 9:461-71.
  • Doxey AC, McConkey BJ. (2013) Prediction of molecular mimicry candidates in human pathogenic bacteria. Virulence, 4:1-14
  • Broom A*, Doxey AC*, Lobsanov Y, Howell PL, Rose DR, McConkey BJ, Meiering EM. (2012) Modular evolution and the origins of symmetry: design of a threefold symmetric globular protein. Structure, 20:161-71.